It is the world’s first wearable solution to help address the key challenges of rehabilitation and recovery from stroke and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), learning disabilities, the effects of aging, chronic stress and pain.

SynPhNe is a home use, non-invasive, connected health solution that helps train brain and body in ONE system.

It captures the brain and muscle signals to highlight patient’s unconscious responses which may be hampering recovery or improvement. With this knowledge, users are able to consciously self-correct and use biomechanically appropriate muscle groups by applying SynPhNe’s Dynamic Relaxation protocol.

One should use SynPhNe to improve relaxation in brain and body, prepare for key events or challenges, and get one’s independence back!

The people who will benefit most from using SynPhNe are those who have suffered from stroke, TBI, injury, childhood learning disabilities, or aging. Please see our available care programs here.

The SynPhNe Solution represents a novel approach to rehabilitation that has helped many patients around the world improve their independence and reach rehabilitation goals. Some of them had given up hope of further recovery.

  • SynPhNe can uncover reactions in your brain and body which are hampering recovery, and train you to modify or minimize them to improve movement and cognition.
  • Please reach out to us. We can discuss your unique situation and collaborate to design a program around your independence goals.

Training is provided through a local SynPhNe care center, complemented with online training modules that are accessible via tablet, laptop or computer. Training is available for both the user and caregiver. Contact us for more information.

A doctor’s referral is not necessary to get started with SynPhNe, however, your SynPhNe Consultant may request you to check with your doctor for further assessments with regard to your medical condition and rehabilitation history.

The device is completely non-invasive with no electrical stimulation being supplied either to the muscle or brain. The device only reads one’s bio-signals from the surface of the skin. The device has no motor or moving parts.

The device consists of two wearables, head and arm gear, each weighing less than .5 lbs. It comes with medical grade lining and padding, which ensures both comfort and hygiene.

The training software can be used on a Microsoft Windows–based laptop or PC. You may project it on a bigger screen such as a TV.

Each user requires their own license. The device can be shared with others by purchasing additional licenses.

The SynPhNe device is built to last for 3 to 5 years.

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