The ENABler that changes lives by reading brain and muscle signals

Watch the backstory about SynPhNe founders and our ENABler technology that appeared on Channel News Asia.

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Device helps stroke patients recover at home

Highlights from Interview Conducted with SynPhNe Founders Dr. Subhasis Banerji and Dr. John Heng Patients who have suffered a stroke or serious injury often go through months of hospital therapy in the hope of regaining muscular functions. Dr. Subhasis Banerji and Dr. John Heng have developed a wearable device called SynPhNe (pronounced like “symphony”), which […]

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An App-solute Symphony of Digital Health Solutions

Singapore-based SynPhNe (an abbreviation for Synergistic Physio Neuro platform) offers a technology to facilitate the coupling and attention of muscle coordination in real-time, enhancing the positive effects of neuroplasticity. The device reads electrical activity in the brain, heart, and musculature via devices worn on the head and/or wrists to make patients aware of changes occurring in the […]

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