SynPhNe™ offers a new kind of journey for patients and caregivers

SynPhNe provides patients with a journey to independence not currently addressed with traditional physical therapy. With SynPhNe, caregivers are offered a new path that leads to more productive patient engagement, freedom from stress, and quality time with loved ones.

For patients, SynPhNe helps you understand the “why”

SynPhNe captures internal brain and muscle activity (bio-signals) so you understand the “why” behind your personal challenges and how to overcome them.

SynPhNe enhances independence

Patients can learn to perform the activities of daily living, manipulate objects, and engage in creative tasks independently. Patients can also attain better fatigue and relaxation management, which may result in faster outcomes.

Real-time brain and muscle feedback allows patients to

  • Intuitively subdue undesirable brain-muscle responses
  • Stay motivated as they watch and track their own progress live

Patients enjoy greater convenience and personalized therapy

The portable, wearable design of SynPhNe allows for training anytime, anywhere. Patients travel less to the hospital or clinic and are provided with therapy routines tailored to their individual needs.

For caregivers, SynPhNe provides greater convenience

Designed as a lightweight, portable wearable device, SynPhNe allows for therapeutic training when it’s most convenient. SynPhNe helps reduce the need for travel to hospitals or clinics, providing caregivers with more time to concentrate on their own needs and busy schedules.

Helping patients become more independent

With SynPhNe, caregivers are trained to assist a patient in the comfort of their own home. Patient training, progress, and compliance can be tracked online or on a mobile device.

SynPhNe helps caregivers care for themselves

SynPhNe understands your health is important too. With SynPhNe, caregivers can benefit from the convenience and flexibility SynPhNe provides allowing you more time to care for yourself.

SynPhNe gives caregivers the space they need

Having more space for yourself can reduce the stress that sometimes comes with caring for a loved one. SynPhNe was designed with caregivers in mind by providing a therapy method that allows caregivers to have the freedom they need through patients’ achieving greater independence.