Vaanya Satwalekar, Singapore
A data survey study of how SynPhNe physio-neuro therapy impacts stroke patients in their recovery journey in the first 4-6 weeks
Varun Raaghav, Singapore
An integrated study of technology and service methods to improve patient and therapist experience with SynPhNe
Arijit Mazumdar, USA
The effect of short video-gaming protocols prior to rehabilitation sessions for stroke patients in Singapore
Sailee Amre, Mumbai
Study of factors that affect technology based home rehabilitation after stroke in Mumbai, India
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Bill Pung, Singapore
SynPhNe Accelerated Stroke Rehabilitation System – Lower Limb attachments development
Lee Wei Jie, Singapore
SynPhNe Rehabilitation System – Limb Attachments Development
Derek Shim Cheng Tung, Singapore
SynPhNe Rehabilitation System – Lower Limb Attachments Development
Nor Aini Binte Ayoub, Singapore
Analytics for Data Visualisation
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Tommy Kandra, Indonesia
Multi-Axis Motion Control & EMG – EEG Motion Integration
Lam Wai Hong, Singapore
Manufacture & Testing of Prototypes
M Suresh, India
Factors that Activate Neuro-Plasticity & their Reflection in EEG Signals
Deepali Bhatt, India
Passive & Active EMG – EEG Based Gaming
Shantanu Samajdar, India
Mechanical Design & Platform Engineering
Govi Naidu, Singapore
Development of Gel Free Headset & System Integration for Biofeedback
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Amogh Raichur, India
Data Acquisition & Conditioning
Gunadi Wihardjo, Indonesia
BCI & Motion Conditioning
Marvin, Indonesia
Brain State Measurement
Kumudu Gamage, Sri Lanka
Upper Limb Orthosis Design
Dorothy Wi, Singapore
Clinical study of EMG patterns for functional hand movements in hemiplegic stroke patients using an arm glove designed for home rehabilitation
William Kangdra, Indonesia
EEG Parameters & Triggers
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