SynPhNe™ can take you step by step to greater independence

SynPhNe provides the best care to help you fulfill your independence goals. No matter how big or small your personal goals are, SynPhNe can help you get there. By following our step-by-step method, we can show you the way forward.

(Understanding SynPhNe and You)

In your first session, we will simply get to know each other. Together, we will understand your medical history, independence goals, your difficulties, and challenges on a brain and muscle level – and how they are impacting your daily living. This will give us a glimpse into how SynPhNe can help you to achieve your independence goals.

(Digging Deeper and Building Goals)

Once you have decided to work with SynPhNe to achieve your independence goals, you will start your journey by taking our full evaluation. The brain-muscle data from the device helps us pinpoint weak underlying skills related to poor performance and serves as the foundation on which we establish your holistic, individualized, effective training program.

(Achieving Your Independence)

You will now start your very own independence journey with us with the help of your SynPhNe Solution, and we will give you the encouraging push you need to break down learning barriers and achieve more.

(Rest. Refuel. Realign.)

Depending on your personalized program at certain intervals, you will undergo another round of full evaluation (similar to a Get Set session). This allows us to review your progress and make the necessary adjustments to your holistic personalized program, helping you achieve better results while making the best use of your time and energy.