SynPhNe™ in Stroke and TBI

Many patients who undergo physical therapy still struggle to lead independent lives. To achieve independence, it is important to train the brain and muscle together. Stroke and TBI patients who successfully recover in certain parameters can receive the home-use model of SynPhNe eNabl and accelerate their recovery. SynPhNe supports patients remotely with:


Combined physio, occupational, and neuro therapy, tailored to regain independence


Self-administered or caregiver-led therapy using SynPhNe response data to make functional gains


Clinical studies carried out with stroke afflicted patients (aged 7 – 80 years) were successful in the following areas:

Detection and display of incorrect and involuntary muscle contractions

Self-correction to use biomechanically correct muscle groups across all impairment levels – mild, moderate and severe

Improvements in gross motor movement such as two-handed tasks, eye-hand coordination, truncal control and balance

Improvements in fine motor control such as the ability to manipulate objects, writing and typing

Improvements in short-term memory, sequence planning and executive control

Recovery in long-term stroke patients over conventional rehabilitation