Rehabilitation in real time

Telemedicine is changing physical therapy through effective virtual experience. It gives patients a platform to take charge of their own rehabilitation in real time. Whether a patient is coping with a disability from stroke or experiencing the first signs of aging, SynPhNe is an award-winning technology that has empowered people worldwide to live more fulfilling lives.

Unlike traditional methods, SynPhNe gets to the root cause

Patients have very specific issues and functional limitations, and it may be impossible to determine the root cause from the outside with traditional methods. And, without an understanding of the root cause, people may not receive the proper treatment or experience improvement. SynPhNe understands one therapeutic approach does not work for all patients. While some patients need improvements in mental focus, others need muscle work.

SynPhNe takes a deeper look: Meet Tessa and Mark

Tessa and Mark frequently drop items from the hands, but they do not have the same issue.

In this example, Tessa requires improvement in brain activity and Mark requires muscle activity development. SynPhNe is designed to measure both brain and muscle activity and match patient training according to the current state of difficulty. Patients self-correct movements in real time as the software enables the appropriate difficulty level, speed, and duration of the exercise to minimize fatigue.

Uses human learning capability

Physical therapy assumes patients are relaxed when still; however, brain and muscle mapping shows tensions are present within the body. SynPhNe shows therapists in real time where patients are chronically tense so they can learn how to reduce tension and maintain focus.

SynPhNe improves hand function up to 70% within 6-8 weeks, as compared to ability of the patients at the time of joining the program.

SynPhNe can be used to train cognition and balance for some categories of brain-muscle dysfunction.

SynPhNe helps children with learning difficulties improve their reading, comprehension, and writing within 8 weeks.

SynPhNe enhances patient’s movement and cognitive ability by mimicking how babies learn.

SynPhNe helps patients break out of “plateaus”

SynPhNe can help patients move beyond plateaus because it is more sensitive than traditional therapy methods. With SynPhNe, patients, caregivers, therapists, and healthcare professionals can track “micro-changes” in brain and muscle activities remotely through individual in-person sessions, guided tele-sessions, or even self-supervised sessions.