Designed to improve the recovery experience

After training on SynPhNe in the hospital, patients can take the device home and continue with guided therapy remotely.

Lightweight Design

Portable, wearable design allows for training anytime, anywhere.

Wireless Charging

Hassle-free wireless design that is easy to set up.

Real-time Feedback

Brain and muscle performance signals are displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

Data Visualization

Friendly graphic helps patients track progress tailored to individual needs.

Patient Engagement

Positive animated images help patients maintain a relaxed and healthy learning state and encourage correct muscle movement.

Telemedicine Support

SynPhNe Tele-Rehab Support provides tele-based supervised sessions to address customer needs.

Watch how SynPhNe helps patients to achieve their independence goals

SynPhNe helps restore patient dignity by making them feel more independent.