Provides seamless transition

After training on SynPhNe in the hospital, patients can take the device home and continue with guided therapy remotely.

In – hospital
Ideal for Inpatient Care

At Community –
Ideal for Outpatient Care

At Home –
Telemedicine Available

Encourages independence early

Bedside training encourages early independence with patient self-use, which helps avoid patients lying idly in bed and learned non-use. Studies show that SynPhNe enables a 5-fold increase in the ability to deliver therapy dosage in situ, in community environments and home.

Tracks progress remotely

After starting SynPhNe in the hospital, therapists and healthcare professionals can track the patient’s rehabilitation progress remotely with high-quality and effective personalized care.

SynPhNe enables optimizing of therapist hours through:

Minimal supervision
(group therapy)

Unsupervised sessions
(home therapy)